Revised U.S. citizenship test will make more questions for immigrants

Immigrants seeking to become U.S. citizens will soon be required to answer more questions about American history and politics as part of a revised civics test announced Friday by the U.S. immigration services agency.

Starting December 1, applicants for U.S. citizenship will have to correctly answer at least 12 of 20 questions posed by immigration officials. The current civics test requires immigrants to correctly answer 6 questions out of a total of 10.

The civics test is one several required steps immigrants need to fulfill before becoming naturalized U.S. citizens — a process administered by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Most applicants also undergo another test to demonstrate their ability to read, write and speak basic English.

For the updated civics test, immigrants will be instructed to study a collection of 128 potential questions on topics ranging from the structure of the U.S. government and the Constitution, to the founding fathers and wars with American involvement. The current pool consists of 100 questions, some of which were tweaked through the changes announced Friday.

For example, the 2008 list of questions includes one that asks immigrants to identify one branch of the federal government. The updated question instructs U.S. citizenship applicants to name all three branches — a task that even tripped up a soon-to-be Senator.

Responding to a question from The Alabama Daily News about potential negotiations in a divided Congress, Alabama’s Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville, a Republican, said Thursday: “Our government wasn’t set up for one group to have all three of branches of government. It wasn’t set up that way, our three branches, the House, the Senate and executive.”

Applicants who fail the civics test are afforded another opportunity to take it again during a second appointment.

Source: cbsnews.

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