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Tax & Accounting

Tax & accounting services for your business and personal needs.


Full support for immigration procedure; translation & notarization


A wide range of life and health insurance as well as retirement investment options

Real Estate

Residential and commercial properties for sales and rent and management service


All financial services needed for business and personal needs are integrated into a single company.

  • Settle all your business and personal tax issues while still saving time and effort contacting several different agencies;
  • Control your finance more conveniently with our well-organized and unified bookkeeping system;
  • Manage payroll and payroll tax easily to maintain your best benefits.


T&H Financial Services aims at supporting clients to settle new wealthy life in the US.

  • Enjoy the welfare for yourself and your family of the US with easy and hassle-free immigration procedure;
  • Apply for and renew green card fast and simply, saving time and money;
  • Protect and benefit your beloved ones with financial support through beneficial insurance policies;
  • Achieve prosperity with intelligent investment options through our consultancy.

Situation analysis and assessment are supreme elements to ensure a business’s sustainability. Instead of giving exaggerate estimates or building splashy vision, we offer the most honest and valuable advice and recommendations, help our clients in making the best decision and obtain the optimal results for their business.

Full support

We answer your questions and assist you before, during and after serving, dealing with all issues related to our scope of operation. We make sure that every client reaching our door receives the greatest support from us because we hope for a long-term relationship with mutual advantages.


By combining our knowledge, experience and the energy of our staff, we pay attention to every detail of the services we offer. We set and observe high standards during the course of our operation, making sure that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm.


For years we have reflected what we expect from such services like ours and we promise to fulfill every client’s expectation. We know that our services may affect the result of business and the prosperous life of our clients, hence, we perform our task with absolute caution and devotion.


Simply leave your contact and the issue under request, our customer service staff will get back to you shortly to solve all your problems.

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